Our Impact

Our mission to Transform Lives and Revitalize Communities is realized with every client struggling with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) that we assist.

The Partners in Care Network is a diverse group of healthcare and community-based healthcare and service professionals providing care with compassion with professional insight into the addiction treatment and recovery. In many instances, Partners in Care Network, offers the necessary lifeline that makes the difference between the beauty of transformation and the burden of addiction. 

Our community-based service professionals are specially trained to help each patient/client with all aspects of their treatment and recovery. This specialized care has proven all the more invaluable amid a COVID-19 pandemic, which depleted resources or severed access to those in need. Our collective, though, was able to assist thousands of individuals, families, and organizations through the dedicated support of our contributors.

Addiction can happen to anyone. It holds no preference to race, gender, income, education, or faith. In fact, addiction can grasp individuals, their families, and the communities in which they live – and place a literally death knell on entire areas. Our Capital City Campaign – Transforming Lives and Rebuilding our Communities restores hope and brings a voice to individuals and families in the grips of addiction.

By rebuilding communities with competent wraparound care and compassion, we firmly align ourselves with D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s commitment of addiction recovery and ending our opioid crisis. Further, by lifting individuals and building a network of support, we foster hope, facilitate treatment, and assist recovery. And with our direct, hands-on care, we have built and will maintain the infrastructure and capacity necessary to meet the recovery needs of our clients. 

For instance, among individuals 12 years old and older in D.C., the annual average opioid use increased from 0.3% during 2015-2017 to 1.3% during 2017-2019. The national average between 2017-2019 was 0.7%. [1] Substance Use Disorder (SUD) among individuals 12 years old and older in D.C. in the years 2017-2019 was 13.4%., the national average was 7.4%. Our goal is to ensure life-saving resources are available, accessible, and provided with compassion to those in need.

  1. SAMHSA Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, National Survey on Drug use & Health, 2015-2019.

The consequence of this health crisis reveals how fragmented the channels of care are for those navigating and treating substance use disorder. By integrating technology seamlessly  with community  resources, the Partners in Care Network  has built an ecosystem of care that supports Advanced Addiction Recovery Medical Home – where patient care  is  tracked and  relationships  are fostered, and outcomes  is measured to  coordinate care for the patient.

Through our strategic and corporate partnerships, the Partners in Care Network, members provide services to reduce readmissions due to mental health, substance use, and other chronic medical conditions. Our partners include AmeriHealth, Federal City Recovery, Rap, PIDARC, Turning Point, PIW, DCRCA, and Medical Home Development Group, to name a few.